Improving Voter Turnout, One Utahn at a Time

Chris Thomas of Public News Service covered our voter registration efforts today in an article that discusses the importance of improving voter turnout.

SALT LAKE CITY – In Utah, low voter turnout has been a stubborn problem – and was even the focus of a Governor’s Commission a few years ago. So, this Tuesday – National Voter Registration Day – is one more effort to get people excited about being civic-minded.

At the Alliance for a Better Utah, executive director Maryann Martindale acknowledges the challenge of getting people to register and vote in any state where one political party has dominated the action for so long that no one is convinced their vote is needed – to either clinch a win or change it. However, she tells people a voter still plays an important role, even if his or her candidate is not the one who prevails.

Read the rest here. 

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