Government leaders should not be legitimizing misinformation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 15, 2021

Salt Lake City, UT – Today in the Health and Human Services Interim Committee, a presentation was given by Kristen Chevrier from Vaccine Freedom Utah and Open for Business. The presentation, originally titled Business Medical Regulation Protection Act, quickly devolved into a platform for spreading misinformation about vaccines, COVID-19, and government enforcement of a vaccine mandate. When pressed for details about the bill they were presenting on, it was clarified that there was, in fact, no bill. The presentation was then redefined as a “concept” by Chair Mike Kennedy. It was unclear at whose invitation Chevrier and her group presented. 

Katie Matheson, deputy director for Alliance for a Better Utah, issued the following statement: 

“Our hospitals are full and Utahns are dying. Medical professionals are being attacked by conspiracy theorists. Utah’s leaders should be doing everything they can to prevent the spread of this virus and protect public health, especially as our children are increasingly at risk of being infected and experiencing negative health outcomes. Instead, a group of lawmakers chose to legitimize dangerous misinformation and conspiracy theories by holding what amounted to an anti-vaccine hearing and giving a platform to a loud but small minority that do not represent the vast majority of Utahns. Government bodies should not be promoting ideas that are harmful to the health and safety of our communities, especially during a pandemic.” 


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