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Utahns consistently rate education as a top priority, but the Beehive State has fallen behind in school. On a per-student basis, we spend less than any other state in the nation. The majority of our graduating seniors are not prepared for college, and we rank in the bottom ten percent for overall student achievement. Our classrooms are bloated; our teachers are underpaid. As of last year, state school board elections require candidates to declare party affiliation, which could result in more polarized elections, alienation of LGBT students, and danger for children of immigrants.

Our partner organization, the ABU Education Fund, has joined as a plaintiff in a lawsuit to challenge the partisan requirements to run for the state school board, but we’ve got a long road ahead of us. Learn more about how you can support our legal efforts and help Utah students make the grade.

Partisan School Board Lawsuit

Join the ABU Education Fund in saying “NO” to politics in Utah schools. Learn more about our lawsuit challenging partisan elections for the State Board of Education.

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