Defining Charity: the LDS Church and Carl Wimmer

In a recent 24-hour period, LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson praised the church’s welfare program and urged members to help others, while Rep. Carl Wimmer, quoting someone else, tweeted the following: “It’s wrong for someone to confiscate your money, give it to someone else, and call that ‘compassion’.” We truly live in interesting times. …

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Texting Made Public

As House Bill 477 heads to repeal, the Alliance for a Better Utah believes that the Sutherland Institute’s Paul Mero got it wrong in contending that texting is a form of “contemporaneous communication” to be shielded from public view (see “Mero Moment: GRAMA and Transparency” at The better argument is that in the interest …

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Herbert’s Rules

Unless the state’s bidding procedures say that, win or lose, bidders will be reimbursed their costs, in what parallel universe does Gov. Gary Herbert think it’s OK that the state paid $13 million in a confidential settlement to a losing bidder in an Interstate 15 construction bid? (“State paid $13M to settle complaint over I-15 …

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Firearms Folly

States’ rights have been a source of argument for more than two centuries, and deserve legitimate debate. Every year our Legislature seems intent on taking one or more positions that are so lacking in merit that they can serve no purpose other than to challenge federal authority. In attempting to exempt all firearms made and …

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