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Call Him Home: Hatch’s Service in Movies

“[A New Hope] is a remarkable confection: a subliminal history of the movies, wrapped in a riveting tale of suspense and adventure, ornamented with some of the most ingenious special effects ever contrived for film.”

This raving review comes from Time Magazine’s assessment of the the first Star Wars film in 1977.  Incidentally, 1977 is the same year Sen. Orrin Hatch took office.  In 2017 we laugh at these same “ingenious special effects” that awed audiences in 1977. In short, the technology of the first Star Wars is outdated; Utah deserves a senator who is not similarly out of touch.  Each of the movie clips at the end of this article were released in a different term that Sen. Hatch served in. Now you can watch his long service through movies!

Special effects and CGI has evolved to become a carefully crafted art, creating worlds and people real enough to touch.  It took many years to develop the special effects we see today.  Audiences saw E.T. fly in front of the moon, John Hammond reveal his incredible Jurassic Park, and Harry, Ron and Hermione face off against Fluffy the Three Headed Dog before special effects reached its current state.  Orrin Hatch served through it all.  

The 1978 “Doctor Strange” was even made and then remade during his service!  Similar to the first part of the Star Wars franchise, Orrin Hatch served Utah well in the past but perhaps it is time for new technology to take over.

If you feel the same way sign this petition asking Senator Hatch to not run for reelection in 2018!

Hatch’s First Term

Hatch’s Second Term

Hatch’s Third Term

Hatch’s Fourth Term

Hatch’s Fifth Term

Hatch’s Sixth Term

Hatch’s Seventh Term

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