Salt Lake City, UT – The House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee voted this afternoon to reject HJR 18, “Joint Resolution on Economic and Environmental Stewardship.” This resolution recognizes the impacts of climate change in Utah and encourages individuals, corporations, and the legislature itself to take individual and collective actions to combat those impacts.

Chase Thomas, Better Utah’s policy and advocacy counsel, issued the following statement:

“Representatives have once again chosen to cover their eyes and plug their ears in the face of overwhelming science and the increasing impact of climate change here in Utah and across the globe. Without the force of law, this resolution would have only announced that our representatives are committed to diversifying Utah’s energy production and encouraging individuals and corporations to take positive actions in combatting climate change. At some point, our legislators will have to come to the realization that continued devotion to fossil fuels will only further imperil our children and future generations. Now may not be that time, but we encourage those who voted in favor of the resolution to continue pressing forward on this important issue.”


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