Better Utah GRAMA requests legislator compensation in 2015 for Medicaid

Alliance for a Better Utah
PO Box 521847
Salt Lake City, UT 84152

December 31, 2015

Bryant R. Howe
Deputy Director
Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel
350 North State, Suite 350
Salt Lake City, UT 84114


Dear Bryant R. Howe:

This is a request pursuant to the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act, Utah Code, Sections 63G-2-101, et seq. (“GRAMA”) submitted in behalf of the Alliance for a Better Utah.

Please provide all documents identified below. Pursuant to § 63G-2-202(4)(a) and for the reasons described below, I suggest that this request be filled without charge since the information requested primarily benefits the public interest rather than a personal interest. If it is determined that the copies will not be provided free of charge, and in the event copying expenses may be in excess of $50.00, I would appreciate the opportunity to review documents before copying, in order, if possible, to mitigate copying expense by preselecting the documents, among those coming within the parameters of my request, which should be copied. When the documents are copied or available for inspection, you may contact me at the address or telephone number given above, so that arrangements can be made to finalize the processing of this request and to deliver documents to me.

I am requesting “records” and “documents,” in the broadest possible sense of those terms, which includes the following: I want a complete copy of the original and any non-identical copy (where different from the original because of notes made on the copy or otherwise) of any written, printed, typed, photographic and graphic matter of any kind in your possession or control, or known by you to exist, to include electronically-stored information, applications, reports, lists, and computer printouts relating in any way to the subject matter of these requests.

With that background and context, I hereby request copies of the following documents and records:

  1. All documents and records related to any meetings of a committee, subcommittee, commission, task force, or other authorized legislative meetings in 2015 relating to Medicaid expansion, health reform and/or health care including all records, documents, dates and minutes for the Health Reform Task Force and meetings relating to Healthy Utah, Frail Utah, Utah Cares, Access Plus.
  2. All documents, forms, receipts, and records from January 1, 2015 forward related to legislator compensation, salary, per diem, and expense reimbursement submission and payments for each legislator who attended each of the meetings identified in the previous request item.


If you have questions respecting these requests, please do not hesitate to contact me at the phone number above.



Alliance for a Better Utah

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