Better Utah Demands that Utah GOP Follow the Rule of Law

Salt Lake City – The Alliance for a Better Utah urged delegates at the Utah Republican Party State Convention this weekend to vote against a resolution to be introduced by Lowell Nelson, former vice chairman of the state Republican Party. This resolution “encourages public officials at all levels of government to nullify any federal order, act, opinion, or regulationwhich they personally believe to be unconstitutional.

“It’s ironic that this resolution is coming from a party that highlights its belief in the Rule of Law in the first paragraph of its party platform,” said Josh Kanter, founder and board president of Better Utah. “But even more than that, it is unacceptable that the Republican party is encouraging its members to recklessly act outside the bounds of the law. We call on elected officials of all parties to denounce this resolution and the notion that we can pick and choose the laws we like and those we do not.”

Yesterday, Better Utah released an online petition demanding that the Utah GOP follow the Rule of Law and to remind GOP leaders that this is not the way our elected officials should behave. The petition will be delivered electronically to the Utah Republican Party, the Utah State House, the Utah State Senate, and Governor Gary Herbert.

The petition reads as follows:

This weekend, we call on delegates and leaders at the Utah Republican Convention to vote against the resolution by Lowell Nelson that would encourage public officials to nullify federal orders, acts, opinions, or regulations which they personally believe are unconstitutional. We demand that the GOP reject the notion that they can pick and choose the laws that they do and do not like, and that the GOP instead commit to following the Rule of Law.



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