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Better Utah Asks Lt. Gov. to Provide Same-Day Voter Registration Information to the Public


The Alliance for a Better Utah contacted the Lieutenant Governor’s Office requesting they provide Utahns with Election Day voter-registration information for those counties that will allow it this year.

The request follows Better Utah’s discovery that this same day voter registration information is not readily available on the main election site for the State of Utah,, which misleads visitors to believe that all voter registrations must be completed today.

Voters in eight Utah counties – Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Kane, Cache, Millard, San Juan, and Sanpete – can still register and vote in person on Election Day at a polling place. However, all information on the Lt. Governor’s voter information website refers only to the November 1st final in-person voter registration deadline that applies to those Utahns living outside of these eight counties.

The information requested by Better Utah comes as a requirement of the “Election Day Voter Registration Pilot Project,” Utah Code 20A-4-108, which tasks the Lt. Governor with providing “information relating to the pilot project in accordance with provisions of Subsection 67-1a-2(2)(a)(iv).” This cited provision requires the Lt. Governor to make election information “available to the public and to the media on the Internet” (emphasis added).

Rachel Sanders, Better Utah’s Executive Director, issued the following statement:

“Utah has been a leader in providing its residents with easy access to the right to vote and has continued to lead by allowing counties across the state to test same day voter registration. It’s unfortunate, and likely a simple oversight, that the Lt. Governor’s voting information website fails to note that Election Day voter registration is available this year in eight counties, including the State’s most populous county, Salt Lake County. Unfortunately, the website leaves visitors with the mistaken impression that no one in Utah can register to vote after today. We have requested that the Lt. Governor update the information as quickly as possible and take the necessary steps to inform eligible citizens in the state, particularly in these eight counties, that they may register up to and including Election Day.”

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