AFP is Controlled by Koch brothers

David Irvine, Salt Lake attorney, former Republican legislator, and Better UTAH board member exposes the truth about Americans for Prosperity (AFP) to Standard Examiner. In a June 29 article, the Standard Examiner published an article discussing the group Americans for Prosperity but did not inform readers of who and what the organization is. The Standard Examiner published David’s Letter to the Editor correcting the publication for failing to fully apprise its audience of who AFP is.

“The Utah chapter of AFP is run by Evelyn Everton, a long-time political operative who has worked for Orrin Hatch, Mike Lee and Mia Love. With Koch support, AFP also steadfastly opposes passage of Healthy Utah which is supported by a significant majority of Utahns. Whether AFP is right or not about this issue, Utahns deserve to know who is advocating on their behalf. This is outside money being spent to influence Utah policy and it should be identified as such.”

A link to the full Letter to the Editor in the Standard Examiner can be found HERE.

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