Better Utah 2018 Bill Tracker

wdt_ID Position Bill Number Bill Title Bill Sponsor Description Status Articles
1 H.B. 12 Family Planning Services Amendments Rep. Ray Ward Requires the state to apply for a Medicaid waiver to provide family planning services to low-income individuals. Passed House/Senate 1st reading N/A
2 H.B. 16 Candidate Replacement Amendments Rep. Patrice Arent Allows for the replacement of a vacant candidacy during a general election Passed Senate, 2nd reading N/A
3 H.B. 24 Autism Insurance Coverage Sunset Amendments Rep. Paul Ray Retains the law requiring insurers to cover autism for those 10 years and younger Senate/placed on 2nd reading calendar N/A
4 H.B. 35 Municipal Instant Runoff Voting Pilot Project Rep. Marc Roberts Creates a pilot project for municipalities to choose whether they want to try “ranked choice voting.” This process entails means that in elections, you would rank the candidates by first preference, second preference, etc.; allowing for winner to have maj Failed to make it out of committee N/A
5 H.B. 57 Utah Intergenerational Poverty Work and Self-Sufficiency Tax Credit Rep. John Westwood Creates a refundable income tax credit for those facing intergenerational poverty and who have recently received public assistance Passed House, Introduced in Senate (1st reading) N/A
6 H.B. 63 Cosmetology and Associated Professions Amendments Rep. Karen Kwan Allows occupational and professional licensing division to offer tests in languages other than English Placed on 3rd reading calendar N/A
7 H.B. 67 Voter Registration Amendments Rep. Stephen Handy Makes Voter Registration automatic at the time of application of renewal for a driver's license or state identification card, unless the state opts out Sent to standing committee N/A
8 H.B. 68 Political Party Amendments Rep. Justin Fawson Slightly undoes the S.B. 54, “Count My Vote,” compromise by allowing political parties to limit candidates for their nomination to only choosing the signature gathering OR the caucus/convention system, but not both as it stands now House, 2nd reading N/A
9 H.B. 70 Costs for Aggravated Murder Offenses Rep. Stephen Handy Directs the legislative auditor to study the costs of capital cases (death penalty) Failed to make it out of committee N/A
10 H.B. 79 Private Attorney General Doctrine Rep. Brian Greene Repeals the section of code that prohibits courts from following private attorney general doctrine, a doctrine that awards attorneys for taking cases that are in the public interest. House/to Standing Committee N/A