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2 bills restricting abortion to come before Utah lawmakers

This article originally appeared in The Washington Times. Read it in its entirety here.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Republican lawmakers in Utah have proposed two bills to restrict abortions, including a ban on the procedure after 15 weeks that would be among the strictest laws in the nation.

The state should bar second-trimester procedures that “shock the conscience,” said Rep. Cheryl Acton, the sponsor of the bill that is likely to be challenged in court if passed.

“It’s one thing to be told ‘no’ by the courts, and it’s entirely another thing to tell ourselves no because we lack the will to stand up to injustice,” she said.

Utah’s legislative session begins Monday.

Conservative states around the country are expected to consider strong abortion restrictions this year amid optimism about the reconfiguring of the U.S. Supreme Court by President Donald Trump.

A similar 15-week ban in Mississippi was struck down by a federal appeals court last year. The state is appealing.SPONSORED CONTENT

A Louisiana measure is on hold.

Acton said her bill in Utah has exemptions for the health of a mother and cases of rape or incest. But she’s not sure how the measure might fare before the high court.

The group Alliance for a Better Utah said the bill would set up a costly legal fight if approved.

This article originally appeared in The Washington Times. Read it in its entirety here.

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