2017 Interim Session

Under the Utah Constitution, the Utah State Legislature is only allowed to meet in session for 45 days every year. If you were following the session this year, this is not long enough to even talk about every bill introduced, let alone delve into substantive policy discussions over each issue.

In order to understand various issues properly before each legislative session, where most of the time is spent passing bills rather than talking about them, legislators meet between legislative sessions at what are called Interim Sessions.  At these sessions, which are held almost every month throughout the rest of the year, legislators divide into Interim Committees. Each committee is based on an issue, like Transportation, or Health and Human Services. Committee members hear from civil servants, experts, and the public, to study and discuss potential legislation related to their committees.

There are a lot of important topics the Legislature wants to study over the course of the next eight months before the 2018 Legislative Session – alcohol, equal pay, education funding, tax reform, and election procedures, among many more.

Here are the topics we followed during the May meeting of the Interim Session. As future meetings occur, this page will be updated.