Terrell Dougan

NEWTerrell Dougan

Terrell Dougan grew up in Salt Lake City and was born to be a writer. Her work has appeared in Good ¬†Housekeeping Magazine, Free World Magazine, and Deseret News with her weekly column Of All Things. This article ran for 13 years and won an award for Best Personal Column from the National Association of Press Women in 1975. She co-wrote and self-published This is the Place: An Entertaining Guide to Salt Lake City, which has been updated ten times over twenty years. Terrell wrote an essay, Flying Chickens and Full Circles, for the national contest of Writers@Work, Utah’s prestigious writer’s conference. Terrell won an honorable mention in the Creative Non-Fiction category which gave her the impetus to expand on the subject of caring for her younger sister Irene to complete her book, That Went Well: Adventures in Caring for My Sister. Terrell worked for the Governor Scott Matheson of Utah, has her private pilot’s license, and has acted in many commercials and on the stage of Pioneer Theater in Salt Lake.